Janneke Verhoeven is a Dutch Visual Artist. From 2012-2015 she studied the Art of Drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts (Arendonk, Belgium). In 2018 she graduated from the Academy for Art Education & Design (Tilburg, the Netherlands).

She can express herself in all kinds of different images. In this way she is able to create a new world that is otherwise invisible. She can portray complexity in film, digital images, animations and drawings.

During the making of these images she surrenders herself to what presents itself. Verhoeven does not try to think too forcefully about how to create, but is guided by the moment. It often happens that an image is created ‘by mistake’ and then generates a new image. The art is then; ‘letting go’ and allowing her mind to stay in such a freedom. The leading rule is ‘what she thinks to see and not what she already knows’.
Her creations therefore arise through experiment and intuition. The aim is to overwhelm the viewer with unusual creations. In this way she wants to make people aware of worldly themes in a different way.

In her latest short film ‘Kessete Goes for President‘ she follows her Eritrean neighbor with her camera. Different styles such as documentary, experimental, drama, poetry, fiction and stills are composed by music in an unconventional way.